Be Kind! Life is uncertain

August 31, 2020.

2 to 4 mins read😁


Two years ago I travelled to the east either for my sisters wedding or visiting my parents, not sure again. While standing by the road waiting for bike to take me home, because I was doing araroro.

I was looking for a bike of 50 naira because the distance to my house was trekkable. Rolls eyes in yimu.

So this bike man stops and shout,  hei nwa pastor Emeti o ginwa?(is that you pastor Emeti’s daughter).

I looked closely and recognised him. I greeted him and he asked if I was waiting for a bike. I said yes. He said I should give him few minutes to fuel his bike. I nodded and smiled at him.

As he turned to go get fuel,  I quickly flagged down another bike and didnt even price and went home.

I got home broken. I asked my mum what happened to the man. Growing up he used to be an importer. Everyone knew him. Business was moving.
How did he end up riding a bike as a means of earning a living? I couldn’t wrap my head around that.

Mum explained what they heard went wrong. Others said village people and that he was better now.
Better ke! 😳😲 But I couldn’t just shake the image of the man I saw off.
This wasn’t the wealthy man I knew. His appearance was like a man who had suffered for 600 years.

It was heart-breaking to see and so I didnt wait for him to come back. Maybe because I knew he would carry me for free and i know he needed all the money he could get for his family who were quite used to being rich. Maybe I couldn’t just look into his face because it reminded me that nothing in this life is permanent. Harsh reality.😔

Recently I chatted my childhood friend up and she disclosed she had just lost her husband. I felt Goosebumps all over me. I didnt know how to react. This marriage was less than 7 years. And she just had a baby.

It got me thinking about this life. Some will say e no balance and I agree sadly.

Some people get married at 23 and lose their husbands at 30. While they are married, a lot of people who are 27 are wishing they got cute families like them.

Eventually when they marry at 30, this other lady who married at 23 is beginning her journey into widowhood. She may never remarry. She will likely spend the rest of her life taking care of the children.

Sometimes, a man marries at 38 only for the wife to die a year later. While the man who married at 25 is still living with his wife.

This same thing happens to wealth. People struggle and struggle and struggle, when its time to reap their labour, they die. And one brother or one aunty who never huzzled will take all the wealth and suddenly become rich.

In the same vein, a rich man can suddenly become a victim of government policies or series of bad decisions which has them filing for bankruptcy.  Moving from grace to grass.  Terrible thing to happen to someone😪😔. And the worst will be the fact that they would never get rich again.

I don’t even know where I am going with all these things this hot afternoon.🤷‍♂‍🤷‍♂‍

But one thing I know is, Life is in stages and men are in phases.
Sometimes people feel they need to get certain things to be able to get validated. Perhaps get married. Have kids. Travel the world. Become a billionaire.

All these things are valid dreams…


There is no guarantee one will be married for 25 years. No guarantee your riches will stay forever.  No guarantee you will eventually get wealthy. No guarantee you will see your  children’s children.

Yes as Christians and believers we have faith and hope that these things wont be our portion. But does it mean that those who lost or bowed out of the stage were less Christians or didnt have as much faith as we do?

So it is important that you recognise that life will always happen. Don’t bully people because of their present condition.

You married on time, congratulations. But desist the urge to shalaye on single peoples head.

You have car, thank God for you. But don’t splash water on people trekking.

You have kids, by all means show them off if you must. But never tell another they cant relate to motherhood because they don’t have kids.

The things is, don’t pressure people into doing things to be  validated.

Don’t look down on people because of the position you find yourself.
Don’t ridicule people.
Don’t mock people .

Always resist the urge to shalaye. Because in a second, everything you hold dearly or feel makes you  better than the other could be stripped off you. Leaving you naked and exposed.

Be kind to people knowing that it could have been anyone, including you in that situation.  And not because they did anything wrong, but because life is being life.



I pray everyone reading this will remember to breathe and live. Because nothing is certain for sure in this life.

Death of course is.

I pray I will not lose any of you in September or 2020. I pray we will not lose our loved ones prematurely.🙏🙏

May September bring us closer to our dreams and aspirations.  Amen.


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