Dear expecting woman: save your life and that of your baby!!

When I was pregnant with osinachi, because I skipped antenatal for five months, I was specially attentive to my body, as so should every expecting woman, regardless.

If the baby became too quiet and I feel movement after several hours, I will dance, run, jump the stairs incase he was sleeping to wake him up. Kedu odi ura oga na arahu (which type of long sleep is that), that he wont wake up? Nya, I will shake him till he says woman enough!

one day I woke up and told my husband I was going to give birth that day. I told him I felt it in my spirit and my body was ready.

He laughed and said that I’ve come again.

I went to the hospital and I was already 4cm gone. And they asked me how I knew, i told them I just felt my body was ready. A novice may ask what does being 4cm gone mean?

When your body goes into labour mode, your cervix begin to dilate (read your vagina begin to expand in layman’s language).

The cervix, which is the bottom portion of the uterus, opens when a woman has a baby, through a process called cervical dilation. The process of the cervix opening (dilating) is one way that healthcare staff track how a woman’s labor is progressing.

During labor, the cervix opens to accommodate the passage of baby’s head into the vagina, which is around 10 centimeters (cm) dilated for most term babies.

If the cervix isn’t open, for example, a woman isn’t in labor. But if her cervix is opening at a steady, regular rate, she’s in active labor and getting closer to delivering her baby.

A mucus plug is what covers the mouth of the womb and it thickens once you are pregnant. At the time of labour, it falls off (or forced to fall) and the cervix begins to soften or ripen and begin to open up.

The dilation is measured in CM. A nurse or doctor uses his or her finger to insert to check how open the cervix is. The opening is what is referred to as 1cm, 3cm gone. By the time it gets to 10cm, the cervix is fully open, and contractions are second minutes apart..then the baby is ready to come and with the help of the midwives, you begin to push.

The dilation of the cervix can take anything from 1 to 7 days to get to 10cm. If the life of the baby is at risk, it can be induced (read forced labour).

This is why you need to be specially attentive to your body, because if you don’t observe changes or certain signals, you can have a baby at home or on the road or even inside your toilet.

Dear expecting woman, please and please, help save your life and that of your baby.

If at any point, you can’t feel your baby any more, visit the nearest hospital.

If your water breaks, ensure you give birth within the next forty eight hours. Unless it can be managed. However you do it.

Do not listen to any crap by anybody especially those telling you to avoid CS and keep praying..

If your baby has passed 40 weeks, with 42 weeks max and labour isn’t forth coming, please book for a caesarean. The placenta will become toxic to your body then and can cause death

Antenal is very important. no two pregnamcy or children are the same.
Ensure you keep up with your appointments and take your routine drugs. This will help the development of the fetus and prevents deformation.

Always ask the doctor about your protein level, blood level, and blood pressure.
You have a right to know!

Preeclampsia and eclampsia can cause a woman to lose her life.
Especially eclampsia which can lead to seizures and sometimes coma.

Preeclampsia is a condition that begins during pregnancy, usually after the 20th week. However, the symptoms and signs of preeclampsia may persist after delivery, and rarely the condition might not be recognized until after the baby is born. A woman with preeclampsia develops high blood pressure and usually protein in her urine, and she often has swelling (edema) of the legs, hands, face, or entire body.

Ceaseran is not the end of the world. Bikonu. Not everything prayer.

If the baby is dead after forty weeks, its best to opt in for a caesarean so they can remove everything from the uterus. I know how sad this can be but for your life.

A woman I know died after she was forced to deliver a dead baby.
Another one I know developed severe infections that almost cost her life because parts of the baby wasnt delivered successfully as the baby has started decaying after death in the womb.

Read up information online, don’t be ignorant in this internet age.

I am not a doctor but I know a lot of things.

Above all, you own your body. Ensure you pay attention to details.

Unless you are tired of living.

And one more thing, avoid agbo. Flee from it. Imarokwa ka fa si wey cooko di concoction (you dont know how they prepared the concoction). I’ve heard tales of people using agbo to ‘shrink‘the size of their baby for easy delivery.

I’ve also witnessed three still births, with tiny dead babies because they were taking agbo.

Yes, how did we know it was agbo that killed the babies? Other than what the doctors said, i cant verify the claim.

a dead twin  foetus in the womb

But then do you want your child to be in the statistics because you great grand parents took agbo?

Bikonu gbadonu anya. (Take care😊)


The akukuru aku doctor🙂

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