Everything is as it should be!

Whenever I have a dream about someone, I don’t usually tell the people involved about it especially if its on the negative part because I don’t want to feel bad if the dream ends up becoming a reality.
On the other hand, a friend once reproached me for not telling him the dream I had about his wife so we could pray against it.

However, I decided I wouldn’t tell whoever I dreamt about the dream I had about them but rather pray for them.

So recently I had a dream about my landlady. I don’t know what happened but I carried my legs to go tell her.
She was pregnant at that time. I told her in the dream I had about her, I heard she gave birth but didn’t see the baby because a lot of people came to see her. I didn’t know what it meant at that time but I thought it should be a good news.
She was happy.

Then I dreamt again that the baby died while she was waiting. I didn’t get to understand what she was waiting for.
I still went to tell her so she shouldn’t wait for anything even if she didn’t fall into labour, she should opt for CS. I prayed for her through the period.
The baby was eventually born and was placed on intensive care. He was premature. I kept praying for her and the baby. He didn’t make it and she came home empty handed.
When I went to see her for something else not even knowing the baby had died, I asked her about the baby… she said, ‘zubby, your dream has finally come to pass..’

Those words sent a chill down to my bones.

I didn’t like that she had to tell me those words.
I didn’t want to cry. I resisted the urge because I couldn’t cry in her presence.
I had prayed for her during the olowogbogboro period. What happened. Why did it have to be after I told her the dream. Didn’t I pray enough?
I kept those questions within my lips striving to encourage her. I told her about my own loss. They weren’t the same because my own was just a miscarriage. But I know how she must be feeling. When you see others you got married with carrying their own children, you wonder why it had to be you who wouldn’t carry her own child. And it wasn’t easy for her because this boy came after seven years of waiting.
It doesn’t have to be about faith. There are moments when you are consumed with grief that you can’t even muster the courage to say any prayer or see the bigger picture.

I understand because I’ve been there. It was easier to encourage her. I told her about my former neighbour who lost her baby boy after his birth but is carrying another one today.
Sometimes we do not know why all these happens to us. But it sure do happens for a reason. It might be difficult, but God will not allow a challenge to come to us except he has a divine purpose for it.

Looking back, I am glad I didn’t have children immediately. I am here encouraging someone because I’ve once been in the shoe.
Nothing happens to us, they happen for us. God is using certain circumstances to grow us. To equip us for the future. To develop certain characters in us. To teach other people. To encourage someone who may pass through similar experiences as we did.
You might have a difficult boss, God is using it to teach you patience and how to treat others right when you become your own boss.

If God removed some challenges in your life now, you wouldn’t be prepared for what he has in store for you.
God is more interested in changing us than in changing our circumstances. Nothing happens by chance.
Everything is as it should be. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. As long as we are in faith, where we are is where we are supposed to be. Nothing is lost yet.

God has put us where we are for a reason. I might not explain it better and you may not fully understand because these tears are blocking your eyes from seeing ahead. There is a bigger picture. You will see it when the tears dry up. It may not be good now, but in time you will appreciate it.

Be encouraged!
Cheers to a new week!



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  1. Thanks for this. Just lost my mom eight months after losing my kid sis and ten years after losing my dad. I know there’s a divine purpose and I am holding on to God all the way. It is well, this came in handy.

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