Focus on your own race


With Chimsimdi, I was worried when she didn’t crawl when her age mates did. I wanted her to walk before her first birthday.

A lady whose son was almost the same age mate with my daughter actually came and told me one time, ‘my son has started walking Oo. What of your daughter?’

I told her it wasn’t a competition and that my daughter would walk in her time.

Sometimes I forced Chimsimdi to walk and told her ‘see your mates are walking. Even people wey you senior.’

She eventually walked just few weeks before little man came.

But with little man, I was very relaxed. He had his first sets of teeth at eight months. And he’s yet to add to it. Yet I wasn’t bothered. It took him a while to crawl. He’s not standing nor walking yet, but I allowed him to be.

What changed?

I understood that everyone has their time. No need comparing him to anybody. He came alone and he is running his race alone.

Yesterday I read a post where a lady said she is 23 and wants to further her education because she promised herself she must be a graduate.
Thing is , she said most of her age mates are already done with school and all that.

Honestly speaking I may not understand but I have an idea how it feels like.

It’s not funny seeing people you graduated with in secondary school working while you are yet to even write jamb.

Its not easy seeing people you got married with flaunting their children on Facebook and wherever you may have it..

It’s not easy seeing all your friends married why you don’t even have a brother around.

Its not easy I tell you.
Even me that I am writing this fa, I was worried initially when baby didn’t come and I stayed off media so people don’t zoom in and check if my stomach was already bulging.

But if there is anything I learnt, it is to run your own race.
They have everything going on well for them, Great!
We will get there shortly.

There is no need to beef them or feel anything is wrong with us…its just that we are different and we run different races.

Some people marry at 25 and die at 30. And their spouses never remarry.
Others marry at 30 and live to see their grandkids.

Some people graduate at 23 and stay jobless for four years. Others graduate at 27 and get job immediately.
Some people marry and take in immediately and suddenly lose all their children while some have their children after fifteen years.

I don’t even know where I am going with all these.
I just wanted to tell you to face your front and focus on your own race.
Even as you are in a wedding now, daydreaming about your own wedding and wondering where the Prince/princess charming is, be sure to know that not everyone is going to have certain things at certain times.
Just like someone said, some are early bloomers. Some are late bloomers.
Just pray you experience your own boom.

Na that one dey very important!

Cheers to the weekend!

1 thought on “Focus on your own race

  1. I just de laugh soteee I passed my train station zuby,this one di very interesting to read, fast forward to some yrs back, after graduation my main padyy just got job and be before you know it,he bought a car and was crusing and suddenly became “crush to many ladies,as a being I beefed him to an extent ,I love praying and and at john’s Catholic church chapel became my second home,yes God answers prayers ,it is my turn to laugh ,I land a very profitable business,I didnt buy a car rather went straight to buy land in awada n used the rest to top-up my business then …urs can come today,mine might be tomorrow.. kudos Zuby

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