How to make Nigerian Akara at home in fifteen minutes

Nigerian akara balls

Nigerian akara can be taken alongside freshly baked bread

Thinking of how to make the delicious Nigerian akara balls from your home during this lockdown without a sweat?

Nigerian Akara is a street food famous all over Nigeria which can serve as breakfast or dinner. Some say it originated from the southwest, but one thing is certain; All over the streets of Nigeria, you will see little kiosks or shops where these are being sold and sometimes in famous restaurants.

So you’ve been caught up in this lockdown brouhaha and you’ve ran out of ideas of breakfast; or you are overseas and you are craving for the Nigerian Akara and probably thinking of how to go about it, well worry no more, you can make akara from the confines of your home without stepping out.

You don’t have to be a chef or a good cook to be able to make akara from your home. Anyone can make akara from scratch to finish in less that 15 minutes.

All you have to do is to follow this simple steps and in fifteen minutes, you have your homemade Nigerian Akara balls!

Ingredients needed


onion ball,

botch sconnet,

vegetable oil,


seasoning(knor or maggi)

The fun part

The number of akara balls you want will determine the quantity of beans you would need.

So take the quantity you need and place in a large bowl, gently pour a cup of hot water or lukewarm water into the beans and start mashing with both hands to remove the outer part of the beans.

When majority of the outer layer has been removed, rinse off and soak in a lukewarm water. this process takes roughly about five to eight minutes.

Allow to soak for about an hour or more if you have a delicate blender and overnight if you intend to pound it on mortar. However, if your blender is the strong type, you can go straight off to grinding it.

Take a handful of washed beans, depending on the size of your blender, add a dash of water (adding a lot of water can cause the balls to be flat, so take note) just a little above the beans, add your finely chopped onions and some scotch bonnet(red pepper). Then start to grind. Grind until a smooth paste is achieved. Then empty into a clean bowl.

Repeat the process until all the beans is grinded. Note that this is when you are doing in large quantity or use a low-quality blender so as not to overwork your blender, if you have a high-quality blender, you can grind everything at once.

Gently turn the beans puree with a wooden spatula for about two to three minutes, add salt to taste and seasoning which is optional.

Tips for frying

Use a deep fryer or a non-stick frying pan. Heat up the oil and use your wooden spatula to check if it’s hot enough by placing inside the oil, if it bubbles around it, you are ready to start frying.

Keep the oil on meduim heat to avoid burning.

Then use you hand to scoop and drop into the oil. You may use a measuring spoon if you dont want your hands to get messy.

Flip the akara balls after 2 minutes to enable the other side fry. When it begins to turn to golden brown, it’s ready and so you use your fork or chopping stick or frying spoon to sieve it out of the fire.

And your favourite Nigerian Akara is ready. You can serve with custard(corn meal) or pap or freshly baked bread.

So why not go ahead and try this recipe and share your pictures with us or share any difficulties you may have had while preparing the Nigerian Akara balls.


If your akara is flat, it means you didnt stir it enough before frying and so has lots of air trapped inside.

A dash of salt for tasting as salt can ruin the taste of your akara.

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