Making the perfect Pawpaw/ Papaya Bread

The first time I made papaya Bread shared that i made pawpaw bread , every one asked for recipes because papaya bread isn’t your regular bread recipe. I had some pawpaws that i had bought before and couldn’t consume before it became squishy. so i thought to myself, if we could make bread from squishy bananas, we could also make bread from pawpaw/ papaya right?

The creativity antennae in me arose and decide to try it out. i did the first trial and it came out nice and yummy. i adjusted the recipe and made even a better bread. my children and neighbours finished it in a blink of an eye. it was really that good.

I simply recreated my banana bread recipes and added pawpaw/ papaya in place of Bananas and again this recipe has a shorter bake time too.


ripe pawpaws, 1 1/2 cups of flour, ½ cup of butter at room temperature, ½ cup of brown sugar, 1 tsp baking soda, 1/4 tsp salt, 2 large eggs at room temperature, 1/8 tsp cinnamon (optional) 2 tbspn of sugar granulated white sugar, ¼ cup of sweetened yoghurt(optional)

Now let’s get down to business..

Step 1.

Measure out all your ingredients and set aside.
Add all the dry ingredients together. For this recipe, sugar will be added as a dry ingredient, but in other baking recipes sugar is always regarded as a wet ingredient, but please you can go ahead and play around your recipes.
I always recommend using a sieve to sift the dry ingredients(excluding sugar) together in other to make sure they are thoroughly incorporated.
Then add sugar lastly, using an egg whisk, combine them together.

Step 2
Gently peel your ripe pawpaws and place in a bowl.
Use a fork to gently mash the pawpaws till its softened and set aside.
Beat your egg and add your yoghurt or buttermilk substitute.

Pour the beat egg and sweetened yoghurt into the pawpaw and stir for 60 seconds. Add teaspoon of vanilla flavour and then gently stir.

The melted butter follows swiftly. It is advised to add the Melted butter last, because we don’t want our butter solidifying while still mixing or folding the batter.

If you are using and vegetable oil, no need to wait. You can go ahead and add everything together at once and stir..

Step 3
Now back to the dry ingredients.
Create a hole in the middle of the batter and pour in your wet ingredients.
Gently use your spatula to turn it in folds until it thickens.
Don’t worry if your batter is thick, it’s normal in pawpaw/papaya breads for the batter to be thick.

Step 4
Grease your bread pan and place your baking paper on it. Totally optional. Then go ahead and use some cooking spray or coconut oil and spray on it. Pour your batter into it, using your spatula to spread it out evenly.
Add additional almond nuts on the top and maybe some raisins which you can totally skip.

and now the baking..

Bake in a preheated oven for 30 to 45 mins at 180⁰ Celsius or on lowest heat. It may take anything from half an hour to an hour 15 minutes to bake. otherwise just bake until a toothpick or a skewer comes out clean.

Place your paw paw bread on a cooling rack. Allow it to completely cool down before slicing your pawpaw/ papaya bread.

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