Mar:101- Don’t start what you cannot finish


My dear brethren in the lord,

Good day? How are you? How is your work and the ministry? Hope it will soon join us in the permanent site, ie if it you haven’t joined us already.
The reason I am writing you this letter is to tell you of something that I have noticed.

You see as a single sister, you like this brother. You have seen him in your future. That’s very alright. Because age and time, you are doing everything to show him you are very wife able. That’s fine too.

As a single brother, this sister has captured your heart. In fact you can picture a mini you with your bald hair and tiny lips and her colour.

But let me give you free advise. You see some of this things you’ve started, make sure you don’t stop it.

Ebidokwana ife ima ebunwuni.

Someone came met me and was telling me how her husband hasn’t washed his clothes in one over month. And he’s waiting for her to wash it. And they both do stressful work. She just didn’t get how the man would be that inconsiderate.

So I asked her, why not ask the man to get a machine so she can help do the laundry. She said for where, say the man no dey reason am at all.

So I asked again. Biko how did you guys come to this arrangement. She said she started washing his clothes before they got married. She would ask his boys living with him(now imagine oo, he has boys that would have washed these clothes for him) to bring his clothes to her shop and she will wash and pack it back for them in the evening.

Oga was very happy. This woman is a very hard working somebody. She can do her business and also take care of me laidis. Issa wawu.

Now marriage has happened and you want to back out?
I said madam, better continue washing that clothe oo. Sebi you dey form wife material. Too late to back out nne. And to worsen it, you’ve been married for over five years now. The best bet is to get a machine, unless you are tired of the marriage.

She said nne, ike agwugom hoohaa. I didn’t know what else to tell her because ayam not a counsellor. Las las, dem go dey alright.

You see me eh. I lost my wife material kemgbe 1869.
I told hubby before we got married that i didn’t like washing with hands oo and that we will get a machine.
He said lai lai. It’s not me and him ooo.

So I asked, no begged my dad that my wedding present should include a washing machine. Luckily, we had another extra wedding present making it two.

Hubby said washing machine na aspoili akwa. I said lele this man. Sha continue. The laundry people don’t use machines abi. He said na hand dem dey use.
I said toh, the clothe won’t even last forever sef. Ya mebie nu. Ndi n’ere akwa aga ebu Onu?

I asked him one time to pay me this money he was dashing the laundry people so I can wash and even iron for him. Osi mba.

So I will do my laundry and leave his. Me that laziness to wash have killed since.

If perhaps the laundry man didn’t come within the week to pack his clothes, Weekend when he has time to wash, I will bring chair and be keeping him company while he hand washes his clothes.

Sometimes when I am extremely nice, I help by spreading.

One day I caught him washing his jeans in the machine. I said haba oga, it will spoil your jeans oo.

He said no, its just this one time bla blabla. Akuko. Something that has happened over and over again.

Let me stop here.

No let me add small.

One time I went to see a client, he was angry because apparently his friend who was still struggling with his business paid a flight for his girl who he was still considering to marry or not to come see him in a different town

My client’s anger was that this lady who had never entered flight in her life insisted to come see this guy, she must use a flight. She didn’t care if this guy had the means.
He asked my client to book the flight for her and the girl even insisted on coming over to see the booking with her two koro koro eyes.

Sebi tomorrow now the man will want to back out. Akuko.

See, Don’t start what you can’t finish. Don’t come and be crying more than the bereaved later.
Whatever you are not comfortable doing as a man, or woman, don’t start! Maka oseetie!

If you like be going to your would be in-laws house every weekend to showcase your husband material-ness, or wife material of ten thousand yards and don’t continue after marriage.

Whatever you tolerate or accept during the years of dating and early stages of marriage is bound to stay.

So y’all should be careful with the things you do and accept.

And please this advise is for single guys and ladies, Or the very newly married.

The rest of us will carry awa cross and be going.
Anyi ji anya ocha banye!

Cheers to to the weekend!

Nb: I don’t even know the connection between the post and the picture.


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