The Bush is very empty….

I came across this open letter written on Facebook by Christiania Eke and i decided to share it here. This is because many of our marriages are suffering from see-it-all syndrome.

The letter goes thus..

Dear About-to-wed Uncle,

Happy saturday and Happy wedding day. While Aunty will want the day never to end, We all know you cannot wait for the Grace to be shared so you can take your wife home. You are still marveled at how God gave you such an amazing woman, free of charge. You are still finding it hard to believe your luck so you are so much in a hurry to take her home before something happens along the line and you hear “April fool”. Uncle, its your season. Rock it in every rockable way you know. But when you both kneel at the altar today to consecrate your marriage, there is a season that I want you to speak about.

That is the season that the devil is waiting to happen. That point you’ve seen everything about that beautiful woman beside you. There is nothing else exciting you about her. You’ve tasted every delicious meal you know she can make. No new discoveries to make. She will smile and you can no longer find the gap between her teeth. You search for those dimples that made your throat go dry, but they seem to be covered with frowns and quarrels. You lie down and try to remember what got you attracted in the first place. It’s fuzzy. That one bird in your hand will begin to fade.

The Bush will start looking more attractive. All you will feel like doing is letting the bird fly so you could go hunting. Uncle, go and dip yourself in the river seven times. Soap has entered your eyes. That Bird in your hand is the only bird out there. The Bush is very empty.

That is when you need to put yourself and the devil to shame. Keep Looking at that feather you are holding that was once a flamingo. Don’t get confused when it siddenly starts looking like a rotten egg. Just think of new ways to move your hands all over it. Devote your time on it. That rotten egg can burst if you place the heavy load from work on it. When it’s lights out, uncle explore, in every lovable way possible. Be the excitement. Buy her those things that the animals in the bush have. You will just be amazed at the beautiful new hen that will hatch.

Never make the mistake of letting it hatch in someone’s hands.

You may now go kiss your bride …..😀😀😁😁😂😂😃😃😄😄😅😅.


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