Easy money, too good to be true? Why you should stay away from easy money

Some weeks ago, a very close friend contacted me that he needed to use my account to move money.
I told him I didnt have ATM and I wasnt going to bank anytime soon. He kept persisting and I said I would try.

So out of curiosity I asked how much do you even want to send. He said ha, Zubby it’s a lot of money oo.
I said sebi, it’s not the one that will put me in trouble. He said haba mana, do I think he will knowingly put me in trouble. I said toh.

The next day he called again and asked if I had gone to bank. So I asked again, how much this money was and why he needed it urgently.

So he told me the amount and told me xxxxxxxx was going to be my share. Wait what?Are you kidney(kidding) me🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

I became curious and asked where this money was coming from. I asked him if he defrauded anyone? He said he didnt and I should trust him. Trust you with the kind of money I’ve never made my entire life🙄

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He is a politician in Abuja and my initial thought was na abuja money dem wan share and I said this no go bad oo. But my mind knew that the explanation wasnt it. So I asked few close people and they told me that money wasn’t legit.

Do you not honestly know the money is fraudulent?

Not like i didnt know sha, just that I’ve bought venza and a mansion already in my head and my Dubai vacations 🤣😂😑
I was to get my share of the money the next morning if I gave I the him details he required that day.

Nya lekwa onwunwa. (See temptations) I started thinking of what I would do with my own share of the money and kai, I wont lie, for the first time I was tempted and I was soo broke.🥵😪

But I knew that it was wrong and even if I promise I won’t go again, I dont know if I will keep it.

Moreover, that money is for something or someone and I would never have the moral rights to call anyone including politicians out. Talk about dining with the devil.

I am not some poverty stricken human being that have suffered all my life that I would risk my entire future, huzzles for.
I’ve faced hardships but they are not enough for me to take that route.

When you are poor, every door looks like the door that will finally bring in the fortunes.
When you are not poor, you know the exact door you are walking into.

Certainly, many young people are always faced with the constant need to make something out of their life. Sometimes the pressure becomes so much and everyone around you is doing it and they are not caught, you say yours will be different.

I am not saying yours won’t be different, but there is something called greed. Greed feeds on your desires.

When you go the first round and you are successful, suddenly you find out how cool life can be.

Affording all those nicest things, suddenly girls begin to notice you if you are a boy, other girls begin to talk about you, the church notices you..people begin to accord you this respect..you are suddenly becoming somebody. The feeling is cool I kid you not 🙂

Then you need a new cozy car, that cozy car cannot live in your current neighbourhood..you gatta upgrade.👍👍.

why should you stay away from fraud?

At some point you may even try to go legitimate and not want to go back again, but the problem is that legit business cannot give you that money in few months or even years and you have lifestyle to maintain.

Then you want to go one more time and you are successful again. And again. And again. Now you are confident you are invisible. You begin to be more confident and go bolder. And bolder. You even join ndi aspire to acquire and life cant be anymore beautiful and then in a blink, you are caught and everything goes down in few seconds.

There is a reason people do kidnapping as a business. And prostitution. And armed robbery. There is a reason our politicians doesn’t retire from politics.

Easy money is sweet and fascinating when spending.
You will be like so I just open my legs and I get fifty k..peoples one month salary and you will be in amazement.

But remember it wont always last forever. One day, your greed will seek you to look for something even bigger. Then your fall.

I know how tempting having multiple zeros will be, but take a walk. Better to have 2000 in your account like me and have peace of mind than having tens of millions and losing your freedom.

Legit always pays. It may be slow, but it does.
Stay legit and keep winning.

I love you too much to see you waste away in prison without your loved ones or walking your daughter down the aisle or going to omugwo.

Udo nwanne✌✌

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